School Lunch Fun


2 wheat bread slices
bell peppers
grape tomatoes
cream cheese
sliced cheddar cheese
lunch meat
grated white cheese
baby carrots
string cheese
black olive pieces
half an apple

1. Place lettuce in one compartment of a PackIt lunchbox.
2. Cut slice of bread into a rectangle. Repeat with second slice. Make a jagged cut through the center of one piece. Place cheese and meat on bread that is not cut in half. Top with both pieces of jagged bread. Place sandwich on top of lettuce in large compartment.
3. Slice peppers into thin strips. Place pepper pieces between pieces of of jagged bread to make a monster mouth.
4. Place two balls of cream cheese on top of monster sandwich for eyes. Cut two triangle pieces of tomato and place on top of cream cheese. Drop more pieces of tomato on top of lettuce. Sprinkle grated cheese over monster mouth and lettuce.
5. Cut piece of string cheese into a small triangle shape. Cut grape tomato in half. Poke toothpicks into each side of a baby carrot. Place triangle string cheese on one side and tomato half on the other. Top end of pencil carrot with black olive piece. Repeat two more times to make three pencil carrots.
6. Place other baby carrots into side compartment. Top with carrot pencils.
7. Make a shallow cut in a red apple half forming an "A+." Place in other side compartment.
Optional: Rub lemon juice on apple to prevent browning.
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