Community Support

Mar-Val Food Stores, Inc. is pleased to offer scholarships to those students wishing to attend college to further their education. This program takes place in the Spring. A link will be found on the various market websites beginning in March and April. Click here to apply.
Mar Val Food Stores, Inc. has partnered with eScrip to provide easy fundraising for every family or individual that wishes to support your school or nonprofit organization within the local Community. Click here for complete details.
Earn up to 5% of the monthly purchase amount for your organization by presenting the Community Card (or phone number) each time they check out.
Save a Few Dollars every Monday when several useful items go on sale for just $5. Select from a wide variety of products from beverages to desserts to fresh salad ingredients.

We work hard for our customers. Each Monday a different set of products will join the list of special $5 merchandise that is offered for our valuable customers.
Help with environment and get in the habit of using a reusable grocery bag for taking your items home. They are available in many places, including here at all Mar Val Food Stores. We offer them for just $1.29 apiece.

Using this method of carrying your groceries helps to reduce the amount of trash that annually makes it way to land fill dumps in our community.
The brand, Best Yet, is one you can rely on for uncompromising quality. Best Yet strives to make sure your family is always happy. 100% Quality Guaranteed.

Shop with the confidence that Best Yet offers you great value to support all your needs.
Mar Val Food Stores, Inc. Unseen Specials sent to you via email each week. They are active on Friday and Saturday. These specials cover a wide range of products each week. Sign Up Right Now!
The Unseen Specials are a part of the Weekly Ads that are also sent to customers who sign up for the popular program.
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