Mango Chili Popsicles



2 1/2 cups mango nectar or mango juice

3/4 cup diced mango

1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice, from 1 medium orange

1 tsp chili powder

Tools used to make this recipe:


Combine diced mango, orange juice and chili powder in a large bowl.

Spoon mango mixture evenly into each mold.

Pour mango nectar evenly to top off each mold, then cover and insert popsicle sticks.

Freeze for 4 hours or until popsicles are completely frozen.

Gently remove frozen popsicles from the mold by running it under warm water and pulling the popsicles straight up.

If they don't budge right away, run some more warm water and try again. Enjoy!

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